Looking for something a little different?

Audi brochure back side

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Now this is something special. Three or four times the size of an ordinary badge (8 x 12cm or 9 x 13cm), the Optimum Badge gives you space for up to 60 lines of text on each side.

Optimum Badges look great with customised lanyards.

With the Optimum Badge, you can provide each participant with a personalised agenda that’s easy to carry. Instead of handing delegates their agendas on pieces of paper, why not give each guest a personalised agenda they won’t lose?


Lion king badge 2

Use different coloured stripes or different coloured backgrounds to indicate delegate types.

You can print on both sides of an Optimum Badge! Consider including key information – contact numbers, maps of the venues. Every detail – up to 52 different elements – can be customised.

Like all our badges, Optimum Badges can be cut to bespoke sizes and shapes.