Our pedigree

Ubiqus prints more than 3 million name badges every year. Customised and classic, large and small – but all professional in look, feel, and delivery. We draw on two decades of experience to design name badges that really improve your event.

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  • Sound practices, sound business

We’re committed to offering our clients the highest quality, most useful meeting services. So in 2004 Ubiqus acquired DDM Laser, a market-leading badge company founded in 1990. Over the years the company has developed creative solutions to clients’ needs – and in response, our clients come back to us again and again.

Each of our innovations responded to our client’s needs:

  • The Optimum Badge gives extra space for agendas and maps
  • 52 degrees of customisation support unlimited creativity
  • We deliver badges in order on patented badge trays for maximum convenience
  • The new Magclip protects delegates’ clothes – unique to Ubiqus.

There are many reasons new clients come to us. Some are attracted by the unmatched quality of our name badges; others by the versatility and personalisation we offer. Others appreciate the attentive customer service from their account manager. We leverage our considerable expertise to match every client’s badging requirement – every time.