Ubiqus – A Better Kind of Badge

Ubiqus produces attractive, professional name badges as a matter of course. But the real difference in our service is the degree to which we understand your events, and the impact that well-designed name badges can have.

Don’t take our word for it. Why not request some free samples and see for yourself?

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  • Uncompromising values

Our remit is very simple: badges delivered fit for purpose, and to the required deadlines. Our high standards apply to all our badges – no matter which of our range of name badges you choose.

Our commitment is straightforward:

  • A better kind of badge. Ubiqus name badges are printed using high-quality, four-colour digital presses for superb colour and clarity.
    Unlimited customisation. Well, almost! Our experienced designers and clever technology allow you to customise your name badges in any of 52 different ways: names, titles, delegate types, agendas, maps, photos… big, small, rectangles, squares, ovals, or your own unique shape. Let your creativity loose.
  • Environmental commitment. With a proprietary PVC-free badge printing process, our badges have been an environmentally attractive option from the start. Now our badge recycling programme completes the circle.
  • Transparent and competitive pricing. We may not be the cheapest badge company you talk to. But you can trust that our prices will be firm, fair and clear – and remarkably good value for money.
  • Complete reliability. Reliable service underlies everything we do. Your free PDF proof will be delivered promptly, our designers will carry out the revisions you require, and the badges themselves will be delivered on time. But true reliability goes deeper. It meets your expectations of attentive, insightful customer service. Our clients trust us to attend to all the details.
  • There is, of course, one more reason…

We combine the right people with the right processes and infrastructure to meet or exceed client expectations. Our experienced account managers get to grips with your requirements quickly; our graphic designers have the ability to achieve real insight into your organisation and your requirements. Our underlying processes and quality systems are robust. And the wide range of sectors we serve is proof of our success – so too is the list of clients who trust us.