No Limits on Creative Badge Design

Ubiqus provides customised name badges – any size, any shape – to maximise the value of your branding. But great badges do more than just look nice. They also help improve networking and traffic flow at your meetings and conferences. A cleverly customised name badge is an unobtrusive way to get the right people to the right place, at the right time.

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  • The magic number 52

Ubiqus badges can be customised in 52 different ways. It’s the ultimate in personalisation… and more important, it means your badges will be precisely suited to your needs.

Because our account managers and badge designers understand your requirements, our badges are beautifully tailored to your events. Ubiqus’s name badges are designed and customised to reflect our clients’ needs – whether for a huge multi-day conference, an awards show or an AGM. From our years of experience, we recommend some great ideas:

  • Take advantage of both sides of the badge. A lanyard makes both sides easy to view.
  • For strong branding impact, choose a custom shape.
  • Use different colour stripes or backgrounds for different types of guests.
  • Why not give each delegate a personalised agenda? Our Optimum Badges give you plenty of space.


We offer a complete range of name badges and accessories. While you may not always need a complex custom badge, with Ubiqus attentive customer service comes as standard. Why not get a quote or call us on 051 852510 for more inspiration?