Our Eco Badges Commitment

From the beginning 20 years ago, our badge production has been environmentally responsible. All our name badges are made with a paper core and a durable polyester lamination, not PVC – in a process that is unique to Ubiqus. Now we’ve expanded our environmental programme to the full life cycle of our badges: send them back after your event and we’ll recycle them.

For Ubiqus, Eco Badges aren’t an optional extra. All our pre-printed event badges are, by definition, Eco Badges. If you’d like to see them for yourself, request a complimentary sample badge.

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  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Most name badges on the market are made of PVC. We’ve never used PVC in our pre-printed badges, and we never will. Instead, we use paper and polyester. Why is this important? This gets a bit technical, but stay with us: because PVC (polyvinyl chloride), when incinerated, gives off a suffocating gas (HCl) that combines with water in the air to produce hydrochloric acid – a strong and highly corrosive acid.

Our pre-printed name badges – guaranteed to be free of PVC – can be incinerated without any such risk. The same environmental standards apply across our whole range of name badges.

Reusable badges are another environmentally attractive option.

  • Return your used badges

In 2008 we took the next step. Now all our clients can simply return their used badges to us for recycling. Send badges to:

Ubiqus Ireland
3rd Floor
Broad Street Centre

Any fasteners that can be reused are reclaimed to serve again. Those parts that can’t be reused are incinerated safely and cleanly – producing useful electricity instead of taking space in landfill.

We worked hard to find a recycling partner to meet our standards. Our choice is a facility that received its ISO 14001 certification in 2001 – ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards regarding emissions. The plant serves several local communities and produces electricity which is fed back to the grid.