Language Translation Service

Looking for accurate, reliable translation services? Need a translation company you can trust? Ubiqus provides a full range of language services for the FTSE 100, government departments and the legal sector, working from any type of document or audio and any format. Our approach is attentive, customer oriented and timely – for those who need a translation that is right first time.

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  • Subject and sector specialists

Asking a generalist translator to do a specialist translation is a little like asking an eye doctor to do heart surgery… It’s also unlikely to deliver the language translation quality you need. That’s why:

  • We match your requirements with translators who have the right skills and experience
  • Our translators cover more than 70 languages
  • Our range of specialised translation services ensures you get a document that is fit for purpose.

We are equally at home in financial services, insurance, energy, law, finance, medical and pharmaceutical, employee relations, community relations, marketing and communications. (Of course, when you need a good general translation, we can help with that, too.)

Having built a solid reputation over the last two decades, our experience is extensive. Our demonstrable passion for speed, accuracy and reliability of translation services continues to mesh with our clients’ expectations.

  • Why choose specialist translators?

No-one can really afford to re-do a bad translation. After all, time is money. The time required to correct a poor language translation is considerable. That’s why only an experienced translation company that employs specialists and follows robust quality-control procedures can truly meet customer needs in a consistent and timely manner.

Real savings come from doing the job correctly the first time, not from a price that is 10% or 20% lower. If you spend time correcting a poor translation yourself, the total cost will be far more than if you had given it to a qualified translation specialist to begin with.

  • What about simultaneous translation?

Translation is written. Interpreting – sometimes called simultaneous translation – is spoken. Translation and interpreting are very different skills; we offer both.