From any format, to any format. Word documents, PowerPoint, hard copy, InDesign, cassette tape, digital audio recording, mp3, video or DVD – we work with them all. Our flexible service brings together specialist translators with skilled graphic designers, transcribers and technicians.

If you need simultaneous translation at a meeting or conference, you need an interpreter.

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  • A flexible range of language services

Ubiqus offers an unusually comprehensive range of language services. This is not at all at odds with our commitment to detail, to getting every word and phrase right. And no, we’re not trying to get our translators to do graphic design. Rather, we use a sophisticated project management approach to unite the skills of different experts.

So, if you have a taped interview partly in Urdu and partly in English, we combine English language transcribers and proofreaders, Urdu-language transcribers and proofreaders, and Urdu to English translators and proofreaders. Maybe you have a video that needs to be subtitled or dubbed in six different languages? We’ll build the right team of transcribers, translators, and interpreters. A company report translated into Russian and typeset in InDesign? Not a problem.

We regularly mobilise our considerable resources to coordinate complex projects. The goal is simple: to give you the final product you need, when you need it.


  • Translation from audio: Translation of recordings of interviews, conferences, TV and radio programmes, webcasts.
  • Foreign language transcription: Transcripts of meetings and hearings in the original language.
  • Multi-language video subtitling and dubbing: A separate DVD channel for each language.
  • Translation typesetting: Your translated document in the format you require – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, PDF.
  • Simultaneous translation at meetings: Also called “simultaneous interpreting” or “UN-style interpreting”. We supply interpreters as well as interpreting booths, headsets and microphones.
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