Translation and transcription are very different skills. Not all translators are good transcribers! We take advantage of our international network of offices to provide accurate transcripts from audio in any world language. Foreign language transcription is just part of the range of language services we provide.

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  • Accurate transcripts in any language

When you have meetings or recordings in foreign languages, Ubiqus provides a language transcription service that leaves nothing to chance. Our support is always timely, accurate and entirely confidential.

We can transcribe Urdu phone calls in Urdu – or we can transcribe a French telecoms conference in French – or an Egyptian speaker in Arabic. We transcribe all types of hearings and meetings, including:

  • Interviews
  • Recorded phone calls
  • Evidence
  • Court proceedings
  • TV and radio programmes
  • Webcasts
  • Conferences

After we have transcribed the foreign language recording, we can also translate it into English or any other languages you require.

We work with any type of pre-recorded audio (mp3, wav, CD, DVD, video, cassette tape, microcassette, and so on). We can also make the recording for you (leaving you to focus on the meeting). Using our equipment and technicians, we will provide a high quality digital audio recording. The recording then becomes part of your archive as well as the basis for the transcript.

  • A foreign language transcription case study

An international political think-tank hosted a conference at which the keynote speakers spoke in Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic. They wanted to provide delegates with a record of the conference as well as creating material on which to base subsequent publications.

We transcribed all the speeches in the original languages and then translated them into English. The think-tank results were distributed to delegates and used to inform political decision-makers.