Video and DVD Subtitling and Dubbing

Unique among translation companies, Ubiqus combines specialist translation and language interpreting skills with technical audio-visual expertise. Need a multi-language DVD? We deliver the finished article. DVD subtitling and dubbing is just part of the range of language services we provide.

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  • Multi-language DVDs

We understand that when you need a multi-language DVD, you need to trust that the translation is accurate and you don’t want to spend time on the technical details. That’s why we leverage the considerable technical expertise of our audio-visual division to support our expert translators.

Our project management approach sees your requirements through from start to finish:

  1. We transcribe the speech in its original language
  2. We translate it into all the required languages
  3. The final DVD is presented with subtitles or dubbed on different channels in all the different languages.

We can work from your own video or DVD. But because of our audio-visual expertise, our service also encompasses professional videography. We assign an experienced videographer to your meeting, interview or scripted promotion.

  • A multi-language legal DVD case study

Video subtitling can be particularly useful when deponents or interviewees speak a different language from counsel or jury. This international court case involved parties who spoke Italian, French and English. The solicitors needed to ensure that all the parties could understand the testimony of Italian witnesses. To facilitate the testimony of the Italian witnesses, we:

  • Video-recorded interviews of the Italian witnesses in Italian
  • Transcribed the Italian speech in Italian
  • Translated the Italian text into French and English
  • Subtitled the video recording so that subtitles were available in Italian, French and English.

The completed DVD was used as a cornerstone of the case.