We provide translation of audio recordings in more than 70 languages. We can work with any type of physical or digital medium, including mp2, mp3, wav, CD, DVD, video standard cassette, microcassette and more. You can upload digital audio to our server for security, ease and speed. Audio translation is just one part of the range of language services we provide.

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  • Serving a range of audio translation requirements

Translation from audio is often used in a legal context to present evidence recorded in other languages, including interviews, phone calls, voice mail, and police surveillance. (Of course, we work with covert recordings only when they have been obtained legally.) It’s also frequently needed in the public, corporate and media sectors to translate recorded speeches, interviews, conferences, radio or TV programmes, and webcasts.

Sometimes recordings are made in less-than-ideal conditions. If your recording is muffled, quiet or obscured, we use a range of technical solutions to reduce background noise, cut out recording hum, and increase the volume and clarity of the target speech. Then our translators render the improved audio into the languages you require.

  • Audio translation techniques

We offer two types of translation from audio.

  1. An overview translation is appropriate when you need a good general picture of the topics discussed on the audio, but not necessarily a word-for-word translation. This is a fast and very cost-effective technique, and can be extremely helpful in pinpointing the relevant sections of long recordings.
  2. A word-for-word translation is a transcription of all the audio word-for-word in its original language. Then we translate it into the target language. The result is highly accurate, and the pairing of the original-language transcript with its translation provides a superb audit trail.

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