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Our translation services are utilised by a broad range of organisations for a variety of different purposes. Each expects excellent quality, accuracy and speed, of course. Because we also respect the fact that confidentiality is important to our clients, these case studies are presented without names.

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  • Legal departments: Contracts

Requirement: An unimpeachably accurate translation of the company’s contracts with international suppliers and clients.

Solution: Most of our legal translators have years of experience in law firms or the legal departments of major companies, so they understand the meaning of contracts as well as the individual words. Even with the best experience, though, translators are human beings and sometimes they make mistakes. So with contract translation we regularly proofread not once but twice: the first proofreader reads the translation for accuracy against the original document, and discusses any proposed changes with the translator. Then the second proofreader goes through it all again.

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  • Financial services: Research and reports

Requirement: A precise translation of equity and bond research, economic research, financial statements, regulatory statements, investor updates and press releases.

Solution: We build ongoing relationships with our financial clients. After every document we integrate feedback on preferred vocabulary into our guides and glossaries – so we aim to get it right the first time, and improve from there! Frequently these papers are very sensitive and must be kept strictly confidential. With our commitment to confidentiality and unblemished track record on data security, this isn’t a problem.

  • Internal communications: Archives

Requirement: A translation of extensive company archives. These are situations in which companies need thousands of pages translated in a relatively short time. Often the source materials are a mix of paper and electronic sources.

Solution: We have a proven capacity of more than a million words a month in major European languages. One of our project managers coordinates it all: assigning translators, monitoring deadlines, managing quality control and coordinating the proofreading. A dedicated glossary using Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software is agreed with the client upfront – helping to ensure that specialist terminology is translated consistently.

  • Local government: Brochures and posters

Requirement: Communications with constituents to be published on posters in languages such as Urdu, Polish, Gujarati, Hindi and Chinese.

Solution: Translation plus typesetting. We assign the translation from English into all languages required. Then our translators work with our experienced translation typesetters to build the text into the beautifully designed posters – ensuring that the fonts all read correctly, the text fits well (most languages expand or contract in translation), and typographical conventions are used correctly in every language.

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  • Multinational corporations: European Works Councils

Requirement: These companies are required to hold regular meetings with employee representatives. They need a translation service for several European languages – before, during and after the meeting.

Solution: A fully coordinated, project-managed combination of document translation and live interpreters – accommodating up to 12 European languages at once. Before the conference, we translate invitations and agendas. At the conference, we provide interpreters, interpreting equipment and technical support. Afterwards, we translate the minutes and agreements into all the delegates’ languages. The client doesn’t really want to be aware of the translation and interpreting at the EWC – they just want the documents and the conversation to be intelligible to everyone.

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