Who Uses Ubiqus?

Because we provide very precise specialist translation services as well as general translation, our services are used by several different sectors – and tailored to fit their needs precisely.

We translate a broad range of documents for companies based in the UK and worldwide, including annual reports, compliance and regulatory material, and contracts of employment, sale or purchase. Be creating client-specific guides and glossaries, we also improve the accuracy and consistency of multiple corporate translations.
Finance and investment
Many investment banks and research firms trust us to translate their equity and bond research – morning news, flash reports, weekly reviews, company-specific research papers, industry-wide research reports and strategic and economic reviews. With our project management approach, we provide a speed of translation that takes into account the time-sensitivity of these documents.
Event organisers
Event translation services are familiar territory for us. Speed of service and eleventh hour availability makes Ubiqus a natural fit with event organisers working with multi-lingual events.
Our translation services for HR professionals are highly valued for their clarity and accuracy as well as complete confidentiality. We deliver objective translation of employment contracts, materials for European Works Conferences, and company policies.
Posters, leaflets, flyers, information packs, press releases, product information and promotions – skilled translators who live in your target geography ensure that the translation reads well and makes complete sense to your audience. And our typesetting service saves you time by translating documents directly in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint or Quark.
Government and the public sector
Our experience of public sector translation services is comprehensive. Whether you’re communicating with local constituents or international colleagues, our translation service is easy to access, reliable and good value for money.
When absolute accuracy is a prerequisite, clients turn to us. Our translators include experienced lawyers, legal secretaries and translators who have spent part of their careers translating for law firms or the legal departments of major companies. For translation of all types of contracts, instruments and agreements: we offer not one but two layers of proofreading.
Medical and pharmaceutical
For highly specialist medical and pharmaceutical translation services, medical translation expertise is vital. Our team of medical translators specialise in a range of medical fields. We can help you make journal articles, conference proceedings, and product information available in any language.
PR agency
When it’s up to you to arrange reliable and accurate translation services for your clients, it makes sense to choose a translation agency you can trust implicitly to deliver. Our service is dedicated to helping you meet your clients’ translation needs absolutely.

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  • The Ubiqus difference

We combine the right people with the right processes and infrastructure to meet or exceed client expectations. Every time.

  • Our experienced account managers ensure we get to grips with your requirements quickly.
  • Our skilled specialist translators have the right skills and experience to deliver an accurate and professional service first time.
  • We work to robust and stringent processes and quality systems.
  • We have in depth and proven expertise across a wide range of sectors. Review our case studies for further details.

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