We are experienced in the translation of all sorts of medical and pharmaceutical documents in all world languages. Our clients include international international pharmaceutical companies and medical conference organisers. Each values the expertise and customer focus we bring to translation services.

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  • What should you look for when choosing a medical translation service?

Perhaps more than any other field, medical translation requires translators and proofreaders with deep, intimate subject knowledge. Even within the broad discipline of medical translation, there are a host of sub-disciplines. There’s obviously a lot of difference between translating patient information leaflets for new drugs, and translating detailed journal articles for example. And the right person to translate a document on new surgical adhesives may not be the right person to work on oncological research.

With medical translation, it is essential that specialist terms are translated correctly and consistently (whether sector or company specific terms). We build close working relationships with our clients – and we also use advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to build glossaries specific to each client. This ensures that certain words or phrases are always translated consistently within each document and from one project to the next.

We take action to achieve complete accuracy. Our translators identify any ambiguous words and phrases during the translation of the document. Your account manager will clarify these with you as the translation is being done. This helps to ensure there are no delays for clarification at the end of the project. More importantly, you won’t have to waste your time correcting a mediocre translation!

All the translators we use for medical translations are mother-tongue speakers of their target language. Medical translators are either medical professionals who train to be translators – or they are professional translators who undertake specific medical translation training. Either way, our specialist translators understand the context of your medical communications. Their skill lies in translating complex texts very precisely – but not at the expense of fluency and readability. Rest assured we follow stringent quality and confidentiality procedures too.

  • We translate...
  • Product information
  • Drug leaflets
  • Press releases
  • Patent documents
  • PowerPoint presentation slides
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Conference material
  • Journal articles