Ubiqus – Speed, Quality and Reliability

We don’t believe in a hierarchy of core values – we prize speed, quality and reliability equally. For your sake too, it is important that speed of service is never to the detriment of quality of service. Equally, an impeccable translation that is delivered late is of little value.

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  • Fit for purpose

Our remit is very simple – our translations are delivered fit for purpose, and to the required deadlines.

Reliability is innately tied into that remit. “Reliability” doesn’t simply mean getting the agreed job done. It means accuracy of content and consistency of output. Our specialist account managers and translators are used to dealing with the requirements of your sector.

When you require a particular style for a translation, or the use of special terminology, let us know from the start. We will then do the necessary research, collate a glossary and discuss your stylistic requirements with you. We welcome comprehensive input – because in most cases, the more detailed your specifications, the better the result.

This initial stage is also an essential component of our quality-assurance procedures. We work with you to clearly define your expectations. True collaboration in a spirit of partnership is our way of doing business – and it works best for our clients too.

  • Real reliability and insight

We focus on getting it right first time, every time. If you do require revisions, we’ll make them straight away.

But reliability goes deeper. Truly reliable service meets your expectations of confidentiality and security. Our clients – some of the world’s largest companies and best known organisations – trust us unreservedly. They trust us to be discreet when attending their conferences and disciplinary hearings. They trust us with their confidential information, secure in the knowledge that we have never had any security breaches. And they trust us to give them the translation service that fits their needs.

Our clients know, too, that Ubiqus is a solid company. Since 1991 we have built a solid business with a strong balance sheet and first-class internal processes – as recognised by our ISO9001:2000 qualification. We have offices in five countries and we’re still growing – and growing sustainably. We build relationships for the long term. When you need us we’ll be here.

These are all compelling reasons why our clients choose us.

  • There's one more reason, of course...

We combine the right people with the right processes and infrastructure to meet or exceed client expectations. Our experienced account managers get to grips with your requirements quickly; our translators have the ability to achieve real insight into your requirements. Our underlying processes and quality systems are robust. And our wide range of sector specialisation is proof of our success – so too are our case studies.