No Margin for Error

Accuracy is everything. Given that a single incorrectly translated word or phrase can confuse or compromise the value of a document, we don’t leave anything to chance. Yes, our specialist translators are important, vitally important – but they’re supported by our team to ensure you get the result you need.

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  • Quality starts with recruitment

We recruit intelligent, skilled translators with the capacity to readily understand your requirements. Their job is not simply to render one language into another, but to understand and interpret it, so that even very complex subjects are translated accurately.

All our translators translate into their native language, of course. But simply speaking a language doesn’t make someone a good translator. Properly understood, translation is a demanding profession that requires study, practice and specialisation – just like any other profession.

So the translators who are successful in joining our team have relevant qualifications and experience. They’ve passed our strict assessments of their translation ability and specialist knowledge. They have demonstrated high levels of fluency in translation, accuracy and attention to detail. And most importantly, they’ve shown they really understand the documents they’re translating.

  • Why is a good account manager important?

An attentive account manager is vital! Your single point of contact during the translation process, your account manager works with you on the brief and ensures any difficult terms are properly clarified.

Our adherence to accuracy begins before a single word is translated.

  • Account managers take a comprehensive brief and advise clients
  • Based on this information, translators undertake any preparatory research required
  • During the translation process, translators and project managers build client-specific guides and glossaries
  • Upon completion, translations are checked for accuracy and fluency.
  • A real quality control process

From beginning to end, our systematic process eliminates interpretive mistakes (translators are fully briefed before they start translating) as well as errors and inconsistencies (guides and glossaries are created for each sector and for individual clients). Editors and proofreaders provide a final line of defence.

There are many advantages to working with a fully qualified translation company:

Research: We have computer-based glossaries for every sector and sub-sector we serve. When we translate a document, we add new terms to the glossaries. Every time. The result is a powerful and comprehensive knowledge base.
Your vital input: In cooperation with each client, we prepare a list of preferred terms and stylistic choices. Technical mistakes in translation are often the result of a lack of conversation between the translation company and the client about particularly difficult or ambiguous pieces of text. You know what the document means – so we make sure we talk to you! In our experience, this procedure is essential to producing translations of the highest quality.
Proofreading: Our translations are systematically proofread by another experienced translator, who corrects and edits the work of the original translator, comparing line by line the original document and the translation. With especially detail-oriented documents such as contracts, our standard practice is to proofread twice.
Feedback: We want your feedback. Making our translations even better depends in part on your feedback. Of course, we are always happy to hear that the work was well done, but we also want to hear about possible improvements. We want to know if there is a mistake or lack of precision, no matter how small.

Ensuring technical accuracy is a combination of systematic process and diligent preparation. All work is meticulously planned and checked – the result is technically accurate translations. Documents that are always fit for purpose.