Ubiqus provides versatile and user-friendly electronic voting systems. Looking for voting keypads that are easy to use? Want some expert advice on how to make the most of voting systems for your event? We understand events and we understand audience response. Our own Sentis Audience Response systems can help you increase interest, improve participation, and evaluate the success of the day.

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  • Why use electronic voting systems?
Hiring interactive voting keypads – and the technical expertise to go with them – is much more than just an added extra. Used intelligently, voting systems can improve the results of meetings.

  • Using voting keypads can cause attention levels to rise as much as 50%.
  • Collect opinions, reach a consensus or educate participants.
  • A lively and engaged audience means a more effective meeting.

We understand that every meeting is different.
An AGM requires a very different approach to electronic voting systems from an internal staff consultation, for example – just as breakout groups and workshops are different from conferences and symposia, or product launches differ from motivational seminars. No matter what your event, we start by listening. Our experienced account managers will get to grips with your meeting quickly; our technicians carefully programme our voting software with your questions; and we are there on the day to ensure it all runs smoothly.

  • Why choose Ubiqus?
To be successful, an audience response system must be intuitive for audiences and organisers alike. Looking like a small TC remote, our voting keypads couldn’t be more user-friendly. And our voting software is PowerPoint compatible, so our technicians’ coding of your questions meshes seamlessly with your presentation. At your event, our technicians (professionally presented, of course) run the system during your Q&A session. One measure of success is that you’ll scarcely know they’re there – you’ll just know that everything is running smoothly.

But ease of use isn’t everything. With two decades of experience, the voting systems division of Ubiqus has built up a wealth of wisdom on how to use audience participation systems to benefit both event organisers and audiences. It’s wisdom our account managers regularly share with our clients. Why not contact us to discuss your requirement?