PURCHASE of Electronic Voting Systems: the Advantages

Sometimes an outright purchase of electronic voting systems is a better choice than hiring. When clients choose to purchase Ubiqus voting systems, we supply them with everything they need for success: voting keypads, PowerPoint-compatible software, training, and technical support at their first meeting.

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  • Why purchase Ubiqus voting systems?

Clients choose voting systems purchase for these reasons:

  1. Regular meetings. The most frequent reason our clients choose to purchase voting systems is that they want to use the systems at frequent meetings – perhaps as often as weekly or monthly. Purchase gives them the convenience of having the voting systems on site all the time. Repeated use also makes a voting system purchase very cost-effective.
  2. Cost. Indeed, cost is often one of the main factors in clients’ decision to buy voting systems. While of course the upfront cost is greater than hiring a system, owning your own system is excellent value for money if you expect to use it again and again.
  3. Control. Sometimes users simply like to take control of the whole voting systems process. They like the feeling of being independent, and the freedom to make endless changes and tweaks themselves.
  4. Still benefit from Ubiqus post-event reports. Many clients who purchase voting systems still take advantage of Ubiqus’ transcription and summary-writing expertise. Our writers can attend your event and create a publication-quality report that combines a summary of the meeting with the results of the voting. Such a report helps you increase the communications value of your meeting.
  5. Building in-house expertise. Ubiqus voting systems are easy to learn to use. With PowerPoint-compatible software and simple, easy-to-use functionality, buying Ubiqus voting systems is appropriate for organisations that want to build their in-house meeting support.
  6. The right level of support from us. Many of our clients appreciate a bespoke purchase package with tailored levels of support. We can provide the voting keypads and software; we can provide training for your staff; and we can also provide technical support at your first meeting to help ensure a smooth transition.

Of course, it’s not necessary to buy an electronic voting system to enjoy the benefits it can bring to your meetings.
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