The versatility of Ubiqus’s electronic voting systems means that they are used for meetings and conferences of many types:

  • Conferences : Event organisers appreciate voting systems to increase interest, improve participation and shape the agenda of major conferences. Ideal for conferences across corporate, healthcare, and public sectors, Ubiqus voting system software meshes seamlessly with your PowerPoint presentations. And our professional summary writers can integrate your voting results into a permanent written record.
  • Public meetings & consultations : City councils, county councils and unitary authorities choose Ubiqus voting systems to capture the opinions of their constituents.
  • AGMs : When absolute accuracy in voting is a prerequisite, clients turn to us. Results can be displayed immediately or after the session, providing the definitive record of the vote.
  • Training sessions : Training providers and HR departments alike value the power of voting systems to increase concentration and test comprehension.
  • Staff conferences & surveys : Voting systems are a transparent and reliable way to gather input from employees at staff conferences and sales meetings.
  • Housing association residents’ meetings : Simplicity, ease of use and affordability makes Ubiqus’s voting systems a natural fit with housing associations trying to capture feedback from residents.

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