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Ubiqus has two decades of experience in all these sectors: event organisers, corporates, HR, national and local government, legal, medical and pharmaceutical, PR agencies, finance and investor relations.

But really, our easy adaptation to different sectors and sub-sectors is just as important as our sector list or our client list. Our writers are proficient, intelligent researchers; we assign them to jobs based on their innate abilities to understand and articulate complex propositions quickly.

Ubiqus provides a value-added level of service. We don’t just transcribe, we:
Provide a level of service and range of documents which are tailored to your specific communication requirements
Ensure that documents are reader friendly and focused on those issues you consider most important.
We ensure absolute accuracy quality and consistency – all work is subjected to a rigorous quality control process.
Offer absolute independence and impartiality.
Focus solely on the job of completing the document (while in-house note-takers will invariably have their own jobs to carry out).
Each of our writers has the demonstrable ability to transcribe quickly and accurately. Transcriptions can even be made in real time for same-day service, if required. Given our experience as professional writers, clients are assured of absolute accuracy of spellings, grammatical consistency and coherence of written material.
Very few transcription services can provide the same range of services as Ubiqus. Even fewer can offer as deep a level of understanding. We don’t simply take minutes, compile transcriptions and summary documents; we invest wholeheartedly in your requirements.

That means we take care to research, empathise and understand your organisation and your objectives for every meeting or event. It means when speakers discuss processes, we have a working knowledge of how those processes work. When abbreviations are used, we can interpret them correctly. Ultimately it means that, on delivery, your document will be fit for the purpose it was intended for. It will be accurate and it will be on time.

We operate a transparent pricing structure and can provide you with a clear indication of price. Call us on 051-852510 to discuss your specific requirements and one of our account managers will talk you through the process and set a price for your requirements.
Documents are routinely delivered very quickly. We flex our considerable resources to ensure that we meet your deadlines. But speed of service is never detrimental to quality of service. All of our writers adhere to the strictest standards even when working against the clock.

Ubiqus also offers a real-time or same day transcription service where required. Our writers or stenographers will produce the record of your meeting in real time, and produce the finished document within hours or even minutes after the close of the meeting.

Some transcription agencies claim to produce transcripts with “99% accuracy”. We’re never sure what that means. If one word in a hundred is wrong – or one sentence in a hundred – that could compromise the value of the document entirely.
We measure the quality of our documents by our clients’ levels of satisfaction. More than 97% of our first drafts are accepted as final, and when our clients ask for revisions, we make them immediately. Our clients come back to us again and again.
Simply because a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not helpful for our clients. Word for word transcripts aren’t always appropriate. Bear in mind that at a rate of 23 pages per hour, a day’s meeting would generate over 160 pages! That said, there are times when a verbatim transcript is exactly what’s required.

Consequently we offer a suite of transcription and summary services. The wide range of options let you choose the most appropriate sort of document for your needs. Call us for more information.