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Choosing the Right Transcription Services, Reports and Summaries

You want to use a transcription service to record your event, but what kind of document do you actually need at the end of the day? Word-for-word transcripts are sometimes exactly the right choice. But they aren’t always appropriate, since at a rate of 23 pages per hour, a day’s meeting would generate over 160 pages to wade through! That’s where Ubiqus can help, by advising on the best document type for your needs before a single word is said – or written.

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  • The Right Document for the Task

The right kind of transcription service will take into account:

  • How you intend to use your final documents
  • The level of detail required
  • Your required speed of delivery

Only with this information can you choose the right type of document for your specific needs.

  • Three Questions to Choose the Right Document

Here are the three crucial transcription services questions we’ll ask you when you call us:

  1. What type of meeting or event are you planning?
    Some types of meetings are associated with particular document types. For example, the right document for minutes of a board meeting may be very different than the right choice for an AGM, a legal hearing or an interview.
  2. How long will the meeting last?
    Frequently, the longer your meeting is, the more your document recipients will appreciate a summary rather than a word-for-word transcript. A Commercial Verbatim transcript of a six-hour event will fill around 130 pages of A4. Have you, or anyone else, really got time to read all that information? (Of course, sometimes a verbatim transcript is the only appropriate decision for your needs – but with Ubiqus’s intelligent range of document types, a verbatim document is certainly not the only option.)
  3. What do you intend to use the finished document for?
    This is, quite simply, the most important question to help you choose the right document. An unsuitable document, however accurate or well-written, simply will not add to your meeting’s effectiveness.

Below we offer a few examples of document types, but please call Ubiqus on 051-852510 to discuss your particular requirements. One question we will NEVER ask you is, ‘What type of document do you want?’

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  • Transcription Services: Choosing Among Types of Reports and Transcripts

Not all transcripts are equal!

A Full Transcript provides a complete record of the event, but by cleaning up grammar, it represents the difference between the written word and the spoken word. A Full Transcript can be a good choice for keynote speeches and roundtable meetings where you need a complete record.

A Commercial Verbatim Transcript captures everything that is said, in the way it was said. This is often appropriate for hearings, interviews and meetings where there is a legal context.

A Revised Report condenses and paraphrases for a full and complete document that is nonetheless more efficient for the reader than a Full Transcript.

  • Choosing Summaries: Standard, Brief and Executive

A summary of your event or meeting is concise and easy to read, providing both a record and reminder of the event for all present.

An Executive Summary condenses an hour of discussion into just 2 pages of writing, ideal for posting on a website. It is closest to what is traditionally known as ‘meeting minutes.’

A Brief Summary goes straight to the heart of your speaker’s message, stripping away anything off track or unnecessary, creating just 4 pages of writing per hour of meeting.

A Standard Summary gives more detail, reducing an hour of discussion into 6 pages of writing, giving an excellent balance between efficiency of reading and fullness of detail.

  • Why Not Mix and Match?

One single document type may not be enough for all your needs or potential readers. For example, a single meeting could be covered:

  • As an Executive Summary if you want to use it as a brief reminder for attendees
  • As a Revised Report if you will use it as a foundation for your own report
  • As a Commercial Verbatim transcript if you need to check the speaker’s exact words.

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