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Some of the organisations who use Ubiqus for minute taking choose us for all their meetings. Some use our services purely on an ad hoc basis. Here we examine six of the reasons our clients choose professional minute takers.

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  • 1
    Contentious or high-risk meetings

    Accurate, unbiased and thorough meeting minutes are particularly critical in high-risk situations. We find that organisations often turn to professional minute takers in these situations, even when they usually handle their meeting minutes internally.

    Professional minute takers can be very helpful when:

    – You expect heated discussion or disputes

    – The individuals involved are senior within the organisation

    – The matters under consideration cut to the heart of the organisation

    – Decisions must proceed quickly

    – The need for confidentiality is critical

    Choose professional minutes for controversial meetings to help damp down tensions and speed decisions, saving both time and financial risk.

  • 2
    “Seen to be impartial”

    Internal minute takers sometimes face the charge of bias. No matter how objective they try to be, in some cases appearing impartial is just as important as being impartial.

    Choose external minute takers, with no personal stake in the outcome of the meeting, when you need minutes that are both unbiased and seen to be unbiased.

  • 3
    Saving in-house resource

    When departments are under pressure, outsourcing minute taking can be an important way to save staff time. Sometimes organisations choose to outsource all their minute-taking functions. Sometimes they require professional minute takers only for a selected number of meetings, as in these examples:

    – A new series of meetings stretches the in-house resources

    – An unusually large number of meetings mean staff need help meeting peak demand

    – Major organisational changes mean that staff time is required elsewhere

    Choose outsourced minute taking when you need to save in-house resource.

  • 4
    Need for additional skill

    Properly understood, minute taking is a complex, high-level skill. Professional minute takers often have a background as professional writers, and they go through additional training to learn how to take minutes well. They are backed up by professional editors.

    Some organisations give the task of minute taking to staff who may not be skilled or experienced at it. The skills required to be a superb staff member are not necessarily the same skills required to be an excellent minute taker.

    Choose professional minute taking when you need to source additional skills.

  • 5
    Continuity and consistency across a long series of meetings

    Organisations often find that the quality and thoroughness of in-house meeting minutes varies. Some minutes may be comprehensive and clear; some may not be. Some minute takers may write more, some less. Inconsistency becomes especially noticeable in an extended series of meetings, where all the minutes will be reviewed together during and after the series. Inconsistency looks unprofessional, and in extreme cases it can cast doubt on the validity of the written record.

    Professional minute takers work to a defined template, a defined style, and a defined “depth of coverage” (the amount of information that is recorded). All these things are agreed with you before the start of the series of meetings, ensuring that the documents are well tailored to the use to which you will put the minutes – and ensuring that they are consistent in appearance, comprehensiveness and accuracy.

    Choose professional minutes when you need consistency.

  • 6
    Need for speed

    Creating good meeting minutes takes time: time for preparation, time for attending the meeting, time for writing up and polishing the minutes, and time for an editor to review the document.

    When staff members are taking meeting minutes alongside their other responsibilities, completing the minutes can stretch to days, if not weeks. This can hold up decision-making processes, sometimes at great cost. Professional minute takers can move faster – partly because they are trained to work quickly, and partly because working on your minutes is their only priority. Organisations often come to us when they need to expedite processes. We regularly supply meeting minutes within 24 or 48 hours – or even the same day when required.

    Choose outsourced minute takers when you need your minutes quickly.

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