Writing & Transcription

The Definitive Record

Ubiqus provides transcription, summary writing and minute-taking services for the corporate, legal and public sectors; but there’s more to it than that. We don’t simply record what is said, we show clear understanding of context and meaning.

Our range of services is designed to ensure you receive exactly the support you need. By taking into account how you intend the document to be used, the level of detail required and the speed of delivery, we can advise on the most appropriate choice for you from the range below. Our services are used across the corporate, government and legal sectors; in every case tailored to fit the document’s intended use.

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  • Transcripts and reports

When each piece of information is vital, transcripts and reports provide the complete proceedings.

  • Revised Report retain all the essential meaning, but in a document that is up to 60% shorter than a Full Transcript.
  • Full Transcript retain everything that is said (barring housekeeping comments), but grammar may be altered for more effective presentation in written form.
  • Commercial Verbatim transcripts retain everything that is said, in the way it is said. Only pauses and stutters are removed.
  • Legal Verbatim is used for court transcripts, arbitrations and public inquiries. Our legal division, Harry Counsell, is authorised by the Ministry of Justice to transcribe proceedings in any civil court in England and Wales.


  • Summaries

Summaries convey the essential information coming out of any meeting in as little as two pages per hour. They’re ideal for email distribution, and easy to act upon quickly.

  • Standard Summary selects primary information over secondary and rephrases content to condense proceedings to 6 pages per hour of meeting.
  • Brief Summary retains only the information that goes to the heart of the matter, for 4 pages per hour of meeting.
  • Executive Summary is an enhanced outline of the meeting, closest to what is traditionally known as ‘minutes.’ 2 pages per hour.
  • Thematic Summary draws together key issues from a series of meetings or a public consultation, and adheres to the client’s specific brief.
  • Real time summaries and transcripts

A phenomenal level of skill and a completely unique service. Real time transcripts and summaries are undertaken on-site by two skilled summary writers or stenographers as the meeting progresses. The complete, edited documents can be delivered as little as 15 minutes after the meeting has been adjourned.

  • How do we ensure our documents are tailored to your needs?

We know that you need documents that are accurate and well-written. Documents that won’t require you to spend a lot of time revising. That’s why Ubiqus employs writers, not audio typists. Professional, trained writers whose ability to research gives them an intuitive understanding of your meeting, even when it’s complex or technical. Our writers don’t merely repeat what’s been said; they summarise, paraphrase or transcribe it objectively. Then our editors double-check.

Even before we start writing, we listen. Our account managers take your requirements as the starting point, and advise you on the most applicable type of document or depth of coverage in each case. Often, this is as simple as identifying what the document is actually for. Why? Because only written work that is tailored for the purpose has clear value.