Writing & Transcription

We believe transcriptions, reports and summaries are most meaningful when they’re issued quickly. At Ubiqus, the whole process of transcribing, proofing and editing transcripts is routinely completed to very demanding deadlines. But there are inevitably times when you have to have a same day service. That’s why we were the first to introduce a real-time service that also meets our usual stringent standards.

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  • Real-time summaries

We assign a pair of experienced writers to each real-time meeting. Working in tandem, they are able to summarise meeting points in real time. Complete, edited documents are delivered minutes after the end of the meeting. Real-time summary requires a spectacularly high level of skill and training, and it’s a service that is entirely unique to Ubiqus.

Real-time summary can be particularly suitable for European Works Councils or multi-day meetings where summaries can be reviewed and acted upon before second day sessions. They are also useful for meetings where the minutes must be distributed rapidly to a broad audience.

  • Real-time transcription

Real time transcription allows users to view and edit a live feed in real time on computer screens. It uses skilled stenographers and sophisticated software. Real time reporting can dramatically speed the time taken to retrieve documents and ease the operation of lengthy hearings. It is the service of choice for extended public inquiries and High Court Hearings.

Real time reporting is a highly specialised service and we will be happy to discuss whether it is the right choice for your needs. Please call us on 051-852510 or request further information.

  • Same-day summaries and transcripts

Same-day and overnight summaries and transcripts are a cost-effective alternative to real-time when you need your document urgently. Same-day documents help to:

  • Provide accurate press quotes after conferences.
  • Facilitate easy corroboration of facts and quotes for release to the press at financial presentations.
  • Keep disciplinary and grievance procedures moving according to timetables.

Complete, edited transcripts and summaries can be delivered just a few hours after the close of the meeting.

  • A flexible range of documents

Ubiqus offers a complete suite of transcription and summary solutions. While you may not always require a same-day service, we assure you of our expedient service, whatever your timescale.