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Reporting and Transcription Services

Speed, quality, reliability – that’s our commitment to you (and to all our clients). Our flexible range of reports and transcripts is tailored to the document’s intended use. When you need a complete and accurate record of events, Ubiqus provides a report writing and transcription service that leaves nothing to chance.

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  • Fit for purpose
  • Ubiqus transcripts are delivered to exacting deadlines – even same day deadlines.
  • We pay particular attention to context – what is the background to the meeting, who is the audience for the transcript, how will it be delivered?
  • We apply stringent quality control processes to ensure that all documents reflect the way it really happened – abbreviations are correctly identified, names spelt correctly etc.
  • Your choice of reports and transcripts

Reports and transcripts are a good choice when every piece of information is vital. We also provide a full range of summaries and minute taking services as well as transcription. 
We will of course advise on the most appropriate level of detail to suit your requirements: just contact us

1. Revised Report
11-12 pages per hour of meeting.
Revised Reports are not simply transcribed accounts of meetings. The flow of words is simplified, and the contents are paraphrased. This reduces the page yield by up to 60%, whilst still giving an excellent record of what was said.

2. Full Transcript
16-19 pages per hour of meeting.
The Full Transcript effectively retains everything that is said (with the exception of hesitations and housekeeping remarks). But emphasis is given to readability – so vocabulary and grammar can be altered to give the smoothest possible reading experience.

3. Commercial Verbatim
22-23 pages per hour of meeting.
The Commercial Verbatim transcript captures everything that is said in the way it is said. We simply fix basic grammatical errors and remove stutters and hesitations; we retain everything else. You receive the most comprehensive account of your meeting.

4. Legal Verbatim
Legal Verbatim is “verbatim as uttered.” It is used exclusively for court transcripts, arbitrations, public inquiries and other legal transcripts. Our legal division, Harry Counsell, is authorised by the Ministry of Justice to transcribe proceedings in any civil court in England and Wales.

For a comparison of our different types of summaries, download examples.


  • A flexible range of documents

We appreciate, of course, that needs vary. You may require something more succinct. Accordingly our range of services extends to minute taking and summary writing. It’s a fluid approach – talk to us and we’ll help identify the most appropriate options for you.