Writing & Transcription

Because we provide such a wide range of services, our reports, summaries and transcriptions are put to multiple uses:

  • Event organisers
    Speed of service and eleventh hour availability makes Ubiqus a natural fit with event organisers trying to capture the key happenings.
  • Corporates
    A range of options for a range of functions, such as European Works Councils, conferences, disciplinary and grievance hearings, and financial presentations. Our suite of transcriptions, reports and summaries help you to disseminate information appropriately.
  • HR
    Professional transcripts and summaries accurately and objectively capture disciplinary and grievance hearings for HR professionals.
  • Government
    Event reports, coupled with thematic summaries, provide easily accessible overviews of consultation events and conferences for government ministers and key decision makers.
  • Legal
    When absolute accuracy is a prerequisite, clients turn to us. We are a leading provider of ‘as uttered’ verbatim transcripts, and deliver to tight deadlines (even real-time). Our clients include the Ministry of Justice and Legal 500.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
    Whether for internal or external use, our medical transcription and summary writing accurately documents lectures, symposia and roundtables.
  • PR agency
    It’s up to you to arrange reliable transcription services for your clients. Our service is dedicated to helping you meet their needs absolutely.
  • Finance or investor relations
    Our tailored reports are used to communicate information to investors, as befits their requirements – and taking into account the urgency with which they need to act.
  • Experience

We combine the right people with the right processes and infrastructure to meet or exceed client expectations. Our experienced account managers get to grips with your requirements quickly; our writers have the ability to achieve real insight into your business and your requirements. Our underlying processes and quality systems are robust. And our wide range of sector specialisation is proof of our success – so too are our case studies.

Why not talk to a Ubiqus account manager to clarify the kind of service you require?