Writing & Transcription

  • FTSE 100: AGMs and financial results presentations

Requirement: These companies demand a fast and exact record of proceedings in order to check the accuracy of quotes by journalists and analysts.

Solution: A Commercial Verbatim or Full Transcript is provided within 24 hours. Our writer simply attends and makes a digital audio recording and takes notes. They have to be unobtrusive and professional – nobody really wants to see or hear them, they just want the document on time and accurate.

  • Government departments: Series of conferences

Requirement: A complete set of minutes recording key points from speeches, sessions and workshops around a specific subject area, as well as an overview of the outcomes from the entire series of events. 

Solution: For each conference we provide Executive Summaries of the plenary speeches and Brief or Standard Summaries of the breakout sessions. We send a team of writers: a lead writer who covers the plenary sessions, organises the writers and liaises with the client contact onsite; plus one writer for each breakout session. The summaries of each conference are circulated to attendees by email or posted on the departmental website. On conclusion of the series we draw all the information together into a Thematic Summary taking into account client instructions on length, focus and key points.

  • Financial publishers: Expert roundtables

Requirement: A transcript of a discussion or debate conducted by a group of experts to use as the basis of a published article.

Solution: We send a writer to take notes and a recording and then write up a Full Transcript. The Full Transcript is a better solution than Commercial Verbatim, as it removes any spoken English that isn’t needed and makes it coherent, readable and grammatically correct.

  • Investment bank: HR grievance and disciplinary meetings

Requirement: These are high tension situations where recordings are not permitted as the information is considered too sensitive. The writer must capture the required detail in real time.

Solution: This investment bank client opts for a Standard Summary for its grievance and disciplinary hearings. The writer takes notes of the exchange between management, HR and the interviewee on their laptop and delivers the finished document within 24 hours. Despite the fact that the documents are produced without recordings we have almost no queries about the accuracy of our documents. Obviously confidentiality is critical as leaks could be very damaging to the banks.

  • Multinational corporations: European Works Councils

Requirement: These corporations require fast, accurate summaries of their European Works Councils for delegates from all their European nations.

Solution: We provide a full team of interpreters and summary writers. Over the course of the 2-3 day meetings, we capture each day’s proceedings in brief, for same day dissemination. We then translate this Super Executive Summary into all the required languages for the next morning. A fuller account (four pages to the hour) is also made available at the end of the meeting in the form of our Brief Summary.

  • Pharmaceutical companies: Medical roadshows and conferences

Requirement: An unimpeachably accurate representation of conference notes relating to very technical subjects. 

Solution: For each set of notes required, we collate all background material from the client (agendas, participant lists, discussion papers) and undertake extensive research to ensure our understanding of the subject area. Researchers, writers and editors are all equally invested in the pursuit of accuracy at every stage. All work is carefully checked and approved; our experience in dealing with technically complex subject areas (including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and politics) makes us ideally suited to handle their requirements.