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External communications are the backbone of any relationship with clients, investors, suppliers and the press. How can good transcription services help to ensure the right message is communicated – and indeed help to increase the value of your meetings and events?

At Ubiqus, we lift transcription to the next level, taking time to understand each client’s business, so we can tailor our transcripts, summaries and reports to exactly fit their requirements. Our professional writers either attend your event or work from pre-recorded audio. Our comprehensive range of transcription services ensure the best document is created, on time, every time.

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  • Transcription Services for Conferences and Seminars

UK businesses, government bodies and NGOs invest millions of pounds into organising and promoting high-level conferences each year. Yet some of the value of these events is often lost because the record of proceedings is inaccurate, not tailored to its audience – or even absent altogether. Ubiqus account managers take time to discover what type of document is required for each part of a conference. In some cases, especially if the document will be posted on a website or distributed to participants via email, a summary may be a better choice than a transcript. A six-hour conference could result in a 130-page verbatim transcript! Would a 12-page Executive Summary provide a more effective, more readable permanent record? The intended purpose of the transcript is part of what Ubiqus discusses with its clients.

The result is a document that fits its intended audience and purpose precisely – a document that clients can be proud to publish. For example, at a think-tank forum on the future of nuclear energy, attended by MPs, US and UK government officials and NGOs, the resulting transcript was posted on the think-tank’s website, as a permanent reference for participants and interested parties. 

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  • Transcription Services for Interviews

When a major software company CEO flew into the UK, every second of his time was spent with national journalists – and a Ubiqus writer. We supplied a team of skilled, unobtrusive writers who attended each interview in a dawn to dusk schedule, recording and transcribing every word. Within hours, a high quality, content-reliable transcript of each interview was delivered back the company, a vital tool in checking the accuracy of press reports across the globe.

  • Transcription Services for Press Conferences and Product Launches

Press conferences put organisations in the spotlight of the world’s media. But it is imperative that a written record of the conference is both precise and timely. By using a professional transcription service, companies and public sector bodies can ensure that any quotes taken from the event are accurate – and they can maximise the value of the event by publishing the content of the event very quickly afterward. 

Ubiqus transcripts are used by PR departments and PR companies to distribute to the media, construct press releases, and check quotes. As a result, detailed and accurate transcripts produced by Ubiqus’ team of writers are frequently quoted in national UK broadsheets.

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  • Transcription Services for Roundtables

Successful roundtable meetings are not just about what is said at the meeting, but how those discussions are disseminated afterwards. Despite such meetings often involving several speakers talking at once on complex matters, an Ubiqus transcription writer will ensure that every point of view is properly attributed, and that each participant’s comments are coherent and not fragmented. Ubiqus works for a number of financial, medical and other specialist publishers, producing Full Transcripts so reliable that the transcripts serve as the basis of published articles.

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  • Transcription Services for Focus Groups

Bringing a focus group together represents a considerable investment in both time and resources for any organisation. Ubiqus understands the need for an accurate record of events that is also easy to read, so important information can be quickly identified and analysed as soon as possible after the focus group meets.

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  • Transcription Services for AGMs

Companies must keep a legal record of their AGMs for the company archives. It is critical that these are produced by a transcription service that will create a complete, accurate record in which numbers, names and sector-specific terminology are correct. Many companies require the transcription of their AGMs and financial results presentations very quickly, so that they can scrutinise the content and prepare for media, investor and analyst questions. Some also post the resulting transcript on their website to act as a permanent, public record.

Ubiqus works with many FTSE 100 companies to transcribe their AGMs and financial results presentations, usually delivering Commercial Verbatim or Full Transcripts within 24 hours – and sometimes as little as two hours after the event. 

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