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Not all transcription services have experience of recording the complex issues and terminology required for successful financial and investor relations. For two decades, Ubiqus have provided fast, quality, and reliable transcription and summary services to corporate clients including Cadbury, Unilever, Marks & Spencer, Vodafone, Orange, BT, BP and many more.

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  • Transcription Services for Results Presentations

Corporate results presentations are presently under some of the most intense scrutiny they have attracted for many years, from both investors and the media. At a time of heightened awareness of the effect on the market of quarterly and annual results presentations, it is vital that transcripts of results presentations are clear, accurate, and delivered quickly. 

Ubiqus regularly provides transcription services for investor relations departments, covering the results presentations and updates for clients across the finance, banking, communications, technologies, energy, retail, construction, metals & mining, FMCG, entertainment, transport and pharmaceutical sectors. We create highly accurate Commercial Verbatim or Full Transcripts of the presentation itself, plus summaries and reports if required, produced and delivered to agreed deadlines.

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  • Transcription Services for Shareholders’ Meetings

Transcriptions services from Ubiqus can speed information from the event to shareholders and other interested parties, including the media, in a matter of hours. Our summaries and reports are clear, reader-friendly and focus on the important issues, pre-agreed with every client before the event for maximum speed and efficiency of delivery after the event. Ubiqus tailors every report to the needs of readers.

  • Transcription Services for Analysts’ Meetings

Analyst meetings provide investors with important insights into business developments and strategies, and whilst Ubiqus can’t ensure any ambitious forecasts actually come to pass, we can ensure they are properly recorded and disseminated! Quality transcription services ensure that each speaker’s presentation is transformed into an accurate, readable transcript of their speech.

  • Transcription Services for Conference Calls

Conference calls have long been used as a method of choice for rapid updates for investors and analysts. Increasingly, companies appreciate that they also combine convenience with other advantages such as a low carbon footprint. However, accurately transcribing a conference call requires the skills of a professional transcription service: familiarity with sector-specific and company-specific terminology; the ability to research and verify unfamiliar names or terms; the ability to write clearly and with perfect grammar and punctuation; and an absolute commitment to a process of editing that ensures every document is transcribed to the same high standard. 

By investing in a professional transcription service such as Ubiqus, the financial sector can take advantage of our team’s experience and knowledge of the sector and its key issues, delivering meaningful, reliable reports and summaries to tight deadlines.

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  • Transcription Services for AGMs

Companies must keep a legal record of their AGMs for the company archives. It is critical that these are produced by a transcription service that will create a complete, accurate record in which numbers, names and sector-specific terminology are correct. Many companies require the transcription of their AGMs and financial results presentations very quickly, so that they can scrutinise the content and prepare for media, investor and analyst questions. Some also post the resulting transcript on their website to act as a permanent, public record.

Ubiqus works with many FTSE 100 companies to transcribe their AGMs and financial results presentations, usually delivering Commercial Verbatim or Full Transcripts within 24 hours – and sometimes as little as two hours after the event. 

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