Writing & Transcription

Transcription Services for Internal Communications

In any organisation, rapid dissemination of accurate information can mean the difference between an informed decision and a muddled response. A small investment in a professional transcription service such as Ubiqus can not only ensure that the right information reaches the right people, but that it is always accurate and delivered to deadline. In addition, valuable staff hours and resources are freed from transcribing, checking and editing internal reports, summaries and transcripts, ultimately saving smart businesses both time and money.

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  • Transcription Services for Board Meetings

Is there is one single agenda item that causes more time-wasting than checking and correcting the minutes of the previous meeting? A small investment in a professional transcription service not only reduces errors and misquotes on board meeting minutes, it also ensures a more concise set of minutes delivered within hours, if necessary.

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  • Transcription Services for Management Meetings

Management meetings are, by their very nature, highly confidential, and yet the meeting note-taking is often performed by a junior member of staff. By assigning that role to a transcription service such as Ubiqus, managers can be certain that the contents of any meeting are kept fully confidential, without having to ask one of their colleagues to ‘take notes’. Combine this with secure delivery of subsequent transcripts, summaries or reports, and business managers can be confident that meeting details are kept secure at all stages.

  • Transcription Services for European Works Councils

When producing summaries of their European Works Councils, many multinational corporations turn to Ubiqus because of our unique range of services including fast summary writers, skilled interpreters and accurate business translators. During a two- or three-day meeting, each day’s proceedings are captured in brief, for same day dissemination. This summary is also translated into all required languages by the next morning. A more in-depth report is also made available at the end of every meeting.

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  • Transcription Services for Conventions

Transcribing a convention is not just a case of digitally audio recording every event, and then producing a transcript. In fact, transcription is not the only choice for an effective record of a convention: a verbatim transcript of a day-long meeting could easily be more than 100 pages!

A summary – prepared professionally so that information retains its relevance and integrity – can help information disseminated during and after the convention to be used to full advantage. Ubiqus are specialists in convention transcription services. Our account managers liaise with clients in advance of conventions to discover exactly the type of documentation they want to share after the event, from a Full Transcript of a keynote address, to Executive Summaries of workshops and breakout groups.

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  • Transcription Services for HR Grievance and Disciplinary Meetings

Certain contentious meetings, such as grievance and disciplinary hearings, do not permit audio recording, so an accurate record can only be achieved through a transcriber or minute-taker working in real time. Ubiqus writers attend all such hearings at several major corporations and public bodies, and take notes of the exchanges between management, HR and the interviewee on a laptop. Detailed minutes are delivered within 24 hours.

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