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Transcription Services for Medical and Pharmaceutical Meetings

For many transcription services, meetings held by medical and pharmaceutical professionals are a minefield of complex scientific phrases and confusing anachronisms. Not so for Ubiqus. By employing skilled, trained writers rather than audio typists – writers who are trained professionals, able to research even complex and technical topics – Ubiqus ensures that the finished transcripts will be well matched to its clients’ needs.

Creating an accurate and credible transcript then involves building on the writer’s own research, with editors checking and double-checking terms and names, and consulting specialist guides and glossaries created in-house. Our in-depth glossaries ensure consistency and accuracy of difficult terms and names among documents in a series, or among documents for a particular client. Even for new clients, we can draw on our existing body of research, guides and glossaries for similar topics.

As a result, medical communication agencies representing global companies such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmith Kline, Hoffman-La Roche, Pfizer and Smith & Nephew turn to Ubiqus for speedy and reliable transcription services. Over 97% of Ubiqus transcripts are accepted in their first draft. When corrections are required, we make them immediately – building the feedback into future guides and glossaries.

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  • Transcription Services for Advisory Boards

Medical Advisory Board meetings are detailed and highly specialised, discussing new drugs, new treatments and clinical trials. Information can also be highly sensitive and confidential, so it is important for any transcription service to both accurately record the discussion, and also respect its commercially sensitive nature. Major medical organisations and pharmaceutical firms trust Ubiqus with their transcription requirements due to the company’s impressive ‘no breach’ security record.

Basic transcription services often struggle to fully capture the complexities and importance of what is discussed. Ubiqus writers are experienced in transcribing complex phrases such as “humanised monoclonal antibody against IL-6R”. (Consider that, to an untrained ear, that phrase sounds like “human iced mono clonle antibody against eye elle six arh”!) Ubiqus can create quality transcriptions, summaries or reports from any Medical Advisory Board meeting; recent meetings transcribed discussed topics as various as oncology, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatology, digestive diseases, restless leg syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, wound management, organ recovery, and anticoagulation.

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  • Transcription Services for Focus Groups

Focus groups also represent a significant investment in time and resources. A professional transcription service such as Ubiqus can create an accurate transcript of the group’s discussion, and also produce summaries and reports that allow quick and easy access to important themes and trends for analysis.

  • Transcription Services for Conferences, Symposia and Roadshows

For a professional transcription service such as Ubiqus, the work of preparing for a medical conference, symposium or roadshow starts long before the delegates arrive. Our team of writers and editors first broaden their understanding of the conference subject areas. All background information, such as agendas, participant lists, and discussion papers, is collated and disseminated. As a result, many major pharmaceutical firms rely on Ubiqus to produce unimpeachably accurate conference transcripts and summaries.

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  • About Transcription Services and Medical Transcription

The quality transcription services for medical clients offered by Ubiqus should not be confused with “medical transcription” services, which is high-volume, routine transcription of doctors’ notes, often outsourced abroad. Rather, Ubiqus offer specialised, high-quality services such as transcription for medical advisory boards, transcription of medical symposia, and transcription for the pharmaceutical sector.

As a professional transcription service provider, Ubiqus understands the needs of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Why not call for an informal discussion?