Writing & Transcription

No Margin for Error

Accuracy is everything. Given that a single misheard name, date or figure can confuse or diminish the value of a point of view, we don’t leave anything to chance. We recruit intelligent writers with the capacity to understand your requirements readily. Their job is not simply to capture what is said, but to objectively interpret it, so that even very complex subjects are transcribed accurately.


  • A robust management process

Our adherence to impeccable accuracy begins before a single word is transcribed:

  • Account managers take a comprehensive brief and advise clients on the most suitable product choice.
  • Based on this information, writers undertake any preparatory research required.
  • Upon completion, documents and summaries are checked for accuracy of spelling, grammar and content by our editors. They work to ensure that content meets your brief as well as your expectations of accuracy.
  • Highly trained, professional writers

From beginning to end, our systematic process eliminates interpretive mistakes (writers are fully briefed before they start writing) as well as errors and inconsistencies (writers are well trained to eliminate them, and editors provide a final line of defence).

There are many advantages to having a writer attend your meeting or event in person:
  • Our writer can get an unambiguous record of who is speaking (and to whom).
  • Content can be compiled in real time (backed up by audio recording) for a fast turnaround.
  • We reduce the burden on you to put recording facilities in place and administer the download or despatch of information.
We are also able to work from an audio copy or download. Suitable formats include audio and video cassette, CD, DVD, MP2, MP3, WAV, CDA and DSS. Whichever option you choose: quality and speed of delivery are consistent.Ensuring technical accuracy is a combination of systematic process and diligent preparation. All work is meticulously planned and checked – the result is technically accurate meeting reports, transcriptions and summaries. Documents that are always fit for the purpose they’ve been commissioned for.