Writing & Transcription

The Trustworthy Transcription and Minute Taking Service

Ubiqus deals with some very sensitive projects; we have never experienced any problem with loss of data. This isn’t bravado. We are deeply committed to maintaining our blemish-free record. (There is no value in being able to say that we have only ever experienced X number of problems.)


  • The Trustworthy Transcription and Minute Taking Service

Accordingly, we do everything possible to ensure that confidentiality and security are maintained at every stage of the transcription process.

  • Every member of the Ubiqus staff signs confidentiality agreements (we can sign additional agreements for clients if required)
  • Many of our writers have undergone ‘Developed Vetting’ – the highest form of security clearance in the UK
  • We use a password protected, firewalled server
  • Our workforce has controlled access to different levels of our database
  • Incoming audio files can be uploaded directly to the secure server
  • Client extranet provides a secure domain for uploading and downloading documents
  • Emails are security encrypted
  • Documents are password protected

Reassurance is key. We take these steps so that you can extend any request for transcriptions, reports or summaries, knowing that we will conduct ourselves responsibly and handle your information securely.